Friday, August 8, 2014

Its the Gamescom PS Vita prediction bingo game

If you're a Vita owner, then question has to be what will Sony cock-up this time after the E3 disaster? The company has a hell of a lot of good will to win back after the Type 0 fiasco. Alas, it has next to no first party resources (they're all working on PS4 titles, apparently), no third-party support (except for Japanese studios, LEGO games and a few easy ports) to bring some good news with.

Sure, it can show a massive indie and crowd-funded show-reel of games (the release list goes well into 2015) that are already announced. And, there's likely a few PC indies it has signed up on the quiet.

But, as a fan and punter, I'm looking at the screen (except on my Vita because Sony can't be bothered to create a Gamescom app for its own platform) and waiting for some big news. What on earth could that be? What would make me think it was holding on to my Vita for?

The easy wins for Sony are sequels, expansions or new games built on existing engines. Tearaway, Killzone Mercenary, Call of Duty all have Vita engines ready to use and it costs a lot less to get an Asian or Eastern European third-party to knock out a game that uses them, but doesn't have the big-game-name attached.

Next up is more HD remakes, from the stable of PS one games including Syphon Filter, which is due a refresh, to more of Sony's cartoon chums. Then there's the dream, the big game coming down from the rafters with a halo around it and fireworks going off. Just.... one.... game... that's all Sony has to find from somewhere.

If it does "reannounce" FF Type-0 then I hope the press gives a really slow handclap to that notion. But otherwise, Take 2 seems to be only standard-bearer based on its success with Borderlands 2, so could that Bioshock iOS news come back round with a Vita attached?

The winner's prize is another year in hellish Vita anticipation, will we ever learn?


  1. Still holding my breath for Type 0!

  2. No Remote Play free space? ;)

    1. The first rule of Vita Club is don't talk about Remote Play