Monday, August 4, 2014

Gamescom hints start to trickle out

Expect this to grow as the days roll by to the big European games show, but right now we have a couple of hints of new things to come from Gamescom. Latest updates are going at the top. 

Thursday: Another sneaky peek at what everyone reckons is Until Dawn? Sure its not Assassin's Creed Winter Holiday? 

Also, Shahid Kamil is hinting again, make of this what you will... 30 Second Hero 2 most likely!

Wednesday's news is that Ubisoft has some unannounced titles to show off across various platforms. After bringing Child of Light to the Vita, is there much left in the locker? Here's the show trailer with what we know about... watch out for those elephants!

Sony is now (Tuesday) teasing something with a video of snowflakes becoming blooded and the hashtag #PlayStationGC. A non too subtle hint suggests it could be a PS4/PS3 and Vita title, but what? At about the five second mark are some numbers or letters behind the ice, but well concealed, I think. (UPDATE: Concensus overnight is that the teaser is for Until Dawn.) 

Friday 1 August - Possibly for the Vita, Just Add Water (Oddworld, Gravity Crash Ultra) are first up with a hint of ... "Oh and one last thing, look out for an announcement during GamesCom."

Square Enix may be showing off some new HD games, which could mean either more HD remasters (maybe for Vita), or new games for the big consoles. Guess we'll have to see on that one.  

Like I said, probably more to come on this list as people start yammering. Outside of the Vitasphere, Bioware is teasing something all-new with a nasty trailer.

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