Sunday, August 17, 2014

Feast on the indie goodness still coming to Vita

Okay, so Gamescom was a bust, again, but there's still a bunch of indies headed to the Vita to enjoy. Check out the likes of Typoman, Flame Over and Crimsonland (which releases next week). Add those to the likes of previously covered titles like Volume, the feast of Kickstarted games, and there's still enough to look forward to for most gamers.

Looking more like a major studio title, Kick and Fennick was originally due early this year, but has been in further development for some time, however, a new trailer did pop up at Gamescom.

Does all that mean Sony should abandon first and third party Vita development support? Umm, no, but until a few million folks rush out to buy a Vita (for which there are no big games to tempt them) we're kinda screwed.

Continuing our slide into the Vita's indie future, and catching up on stuff I missed last week, here's a new peek at Guns Up. the free-to-play title from Valkyrie that offers realtime strategy, that's Cross Play across the PlayStation platforms. Mixing some old-school shooting and resource management, it looks fun, but only if the free elements are sufficient to make the game a non-stressful experience. There's a little more detail, but not much, on the PSN blog, with a release slated for later in the year.

Other games on the way include wonky Tetris-alike 99 Bricks Wizard Academy and many, many more. I guess if you want to play Tomb Raider, there's always the PSP versions!

Then of course, there's this little gem, will gamers who've played Minecraft on every other format imaginable rush to play it again on Vita? Or is it so late that its time as the indie-golden-child is over.

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