Friday, August 1, 2014

Capcom shows off Vita power with Monster Hunter Frontier G

You can tap the touchscreen, can tap the touchscreen, tap the touchscreen, the touchscreen, touchscreen... and fight dragons, and party with people on PS3. That's according to the new Capcom advert for MHF3-G. Admittedly the dragons look okay, but the characters are still looking very last-gen, despite Capcom tarting them up for this release.

Still, its Monster Hunter, on a Vita and its as good as we're (or at least Japan is) getting until Sony's handheld hits perhaps 5 or 6 million units in Asia and Capcom thinks about the next in the series. The game is out in a couple of weeks, after the conclusion of the current beta. Wonder how they'll react to it? Can't see it being a monster seller, but it might be enough for another sales spike.

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