Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Western Sword Art Online site opens

Go check out the new Sword Art Online site for more anglicised details on the upcoming Bandai Namco online dungeon-crawling beastie battler. The game is out on August 20th, on PSN only.

There's some new info on the site including news on new characters, including:

  • Yui used to be used to be the players' Mental Health Councelling Program, MHCP0001. She was rescued by Kirito and Asuna for some reason. She is attached to them ever since and calls them "Papa" and "Mama"

  • Agil is an indispensable reliable player to the Assault Team. He supports Kirito as a merchant to collaborate with the Assault guild. He recently opened a shop in "Arc Sofia" on the 76th Floor and supports Kirito and the Assault Team.

  • Klein is the skilled leader of the guild, "Furinkazan" and participates in the Assault Team. He is also an old friend of Kirito ever since the first log in to "SAO" and like his elder brother.

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