Friday, July 18, 2014

Vita sales crash to 15K in June NPDs as Sony can't provide stock

Sony Corporation's self-belief that the Vita is a failure continues to harm the super handheld. Presumably expecting not that many people to buy the Borderlands bundle, the Vita was out of stock across most American retailers last month (and this), leaving gamers with nothing to pick up. Seriously, Borderlands 2 came out months ago, and the situation has not improved!

So, the Vita plummets to the bottom of the pile again with just 15,000 sales and probably won't do any better in July (tweets I see suggest people are rushing to get the very limited stock there is). So, Sony Corporation can gleefully hammer another nail in the Vita's coffin while focusing on the PS4.

The Borderlands moment will pass and in coming months it looks like Sony has nothing big to sell with the console, except the inevitable Minecraft bundle. With perhaps one big game to be announced at Gamescom, Sony will get one shot at some seasonal sales this year, and then that will most likely be it, beyond Japanese ports and indies, so enjoy it while you can folks.

Having said that, sales overall are down on 2013 by 25%, but that's not far off the decline is 3DS sales, suggest portable is struggling. But the point remains not having stock when you have a hot product, no matter how briefly, is an unforgivable sin in business.

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