Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Use your Vita to play Class of Heroes 2G on PS3

Class of Heroes 2G is coming to the PS3 next month in the U.S. from MonkeyPaw and Gaijinworks with an exclusive dual-screen feature. Adventurers can use a PSP or Vita to link to the game to display the second screen. That allows players to get constant access to important extra details like in-game maps, comprehensive character status/information and detailed enemy descriptions along with what loot they drop. 

Not only will the second screen offer extra nuggets of valuable information but allow players to control the on-screen action for the game. All the information displayed is still accessible in the game, it just won’t be displayed alongside the action on the screen. Its a shame more developers didn't try and make greater use of cross-screen features between the consoles, but good on MonkeyPaw for trying.

Note, there's a special limited edition boxed version for US gamers on the Monkeypaw site.

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