Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sony/GAME over-pricing digital downloads

One of the Vita's big issues is how to sell digital games in stores, to keep those retailers happy and in the loop? We've already seen a PSN-like store appear on Amazon's Digital Vita store, but with only a modest effort on the Vita side.

Now major UK retailer GAME is stocking digital download cards to help bridge the gap between physical sales and digital. You may have noticed a bunch of tweets from GAME stores about these, with the big kick-off tomorrow.

With prices starting from £3.99 that should help give indies some shelf space (Limbo and TxK are on there) as well as increasing the number of games on offer for the Vita beyond the usual top five and some cheap second hand titles. PS One titles will form part of the range. Trouble is, they're still doing it the wrong way round, charging more for a download than a new physical copy... madness!

In some cases things are as they should be, with tat like Smart As and Little Deviants only £6.99 for download. However, for this to do any business, the big name games should at last price match the boxed copy.

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