Thursday, July 3, 2014

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite arrives on iOS, just buy a controller first

Is this really the future? All the popular games appearing on phones and tablets, now that extra controllers are available for most of them? It seems odd, but the main thrust of the early reviews I've seen all recommend that players get a controller for their iPad or phone - is this the start of the trend that kills portable gaming?

Sure, the graphics have been spruced up a bit, but isn't a lot cheaper to get a PSP and a copy of the original, rather thank forking out £10/$19 for the game and up to $80-100 for a controller? I guess the market will soon tell, and given that millions of smartphone owners don't even know what a PSP is, the take-up is all on the modern platforms.

Here's a semi-comparison of gameplay, I might pop up my own direct one later. What do you think, will phone users rush out to buy over-priced controllers, or can portable gaming limp on for a while longer? And where's Sony in all this with a quick cheaper, better, easier campaign across social media?

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