Thursday, July 17, 2014

Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends getting patched

Well, if there's no new Vita games out (ho ho) there's certainly plenty of patches to update your existing ones. We have Starlight Inception, Borderlands 2 and now Dynasty Warriors 8 (currently going cheap) getting a meaty update. For the PS Vita, Ver.1.01 is coming at the end of the month, details include:

  • The Japanese Voice option (free DLC scheduled for release) can be applied. Coming July 29 (US), July 30 (EU) for free.
  • The addition of a ‘view all’ and filter function for weapon selection.
  • The ability to view the cleared status of stages according to difficulty level in the Free Mode battle preparation screen.
  • Options have been expanded when fusing weapons so that secret and unique weapons can also be selected.
  • The ability to reset personal best records in Challenge Mode.
  • Bugs that prevented progress in certain stages have been fixed.
  • The adjustment of the number of enemies that appear in Free Mode only stages.
  • Additional game balance adjustments and bug fixes.

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