Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Destiny of Spirits downloaded 500,000 time, big whoop!

With Angry Birds games hitting the 2 billion download mark, its a half-glass-full moment to see a Vita game, a free one at that, only managing 500,000 downloads around the world. So, almost a third of the world has played Angry Birds, while barely 1-in-8 Vita owners have tried something Sony is offering for free. Perhaps some marketing, you know?

I've dipped in and out of Destiny of Spirits since the beta, but its never really grabbed enough to keep me playing. Perhaps another playthrough is in order? Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps!

If you're in a similar frame of mind, or have missed out, why not give the game a go now? Sony is putting up a host of cheaper in-app-purchases and some extra content coming should you get hooked by it? There's nothing wrong with the elemental battle game per se, it just took ages to do anything. If Sony could speed the play up a bit I might enjoy it a bit more.

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