Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Demon Gaze is a global hit, Demon Gaze 2 on the way

While 200,000 sales is a drop in the ocean for the major console games, for a little JRPG practically unknown outside of its home country, that sounds like a decent achievement. Experience/Kadokawa's Demon Gaze has passed that mark according to a tweet from Experience's Game Director.
Oh yeah it seems to have exceeded 200,000 ... Demongeizu! (° Д °) soooo!
It sold around 50,000 before vanishing from the Japanese chart, but the recent Global Edition with all content and extras has probably sparked more interest. Certainly the maps pages I posted, are very popular search hits, and its very easy to recommend a game that's a simple joy to play with a fun story and characters, and some proper RPGing to dive into.

That also suggests that the other games from the same teams, Tokyo New World Record: Operation Abyss and Labyrinth Cross Blood Infinity Ultimate, despite the stretchy names, will stand a good chance of getting a release over here.

Update: Perhaps not surprisingly, this success has seen Experience scuttling back to their dungeon design boards, with a sequel arriving in 2015 all but confirmed. Get ready for more demonic squinting and old school dungeoning.

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