Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Counterspy ready to sneak onto Vita, launching clandestinely in August

A new trailer for Dynamighty's Counterspy is out, showing off the game which is off on its mission on 19/20th August. Using stealth and a silenced pistol, plus whatever you can find to hand, it has a brilliant 60s spy-caper soundtrack, a unique visual style and the finest mix of bits of metal gear, Spy vs. Spy and other classic titles.

There's a little more info over on the PSN blog, but check the company's social pages for greater insight into the game that doesn't want to seen. Can't wait for this, and yet another chance to save the world from those evil doers, while maintaining my poise, style and sipping an expensive drink afterwards.

It looks like Sony is packing the summer break with indies to keep us out of the usual lull, which is welcome, with Metrico, The Swapper and Hohokum among others, but would it really kill them to find one or two big releases to get the gamer's salivating?

Quick update: Sony must be very keen to remind us of the line-up, they've just put up a new Hohokum trailer, showing off the curious and colourful exploring game in action.

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