Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Assault Android Cactus at that spiky dev phase

Wow, reading the Twitter account of Tim Dawson, the guy is really trying to polish this game, which I thought looked pretty slick about a year ago. Keep reading though for lots of evolving character and boss concept art. His existential angst over menus shows the level of dedication needed to produce a really polished product. Still, it sounds like they're close to the finish and the game does look worth the effort.

Witchbeam's game is now available on Steam early access, so a Vita version is likely still someway off, although using Unity, hopefully it won't be too tricky. There's a few recent YouTube videos of the early access code running, which looks awesome, but you know (or hope) it'll be best on the Vita screen with those twin-sticks blazing merry havoc.

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