Monday, June 9, 2014

What Sony can learn (very quickly) from the MS E3 show

Just a few things...

1) Don't bang on about exclusive content on multi-platform games, you come across as needy and whiny. If I hear, "we at Sony are proud to have one bit of DLC faster than someone else" more than once, I will be cross.

2) Games with gung-ho soldiers, more bloody dragons, shiny-armored knights, weedy mages and sports cars are now over-exposed. People want to see new and different things. We want kangaroos kicking cheerleaders in the face, giant space otters eating whole moons, where killing a no-name-guard in a shooter, demonstrates the pain and loss to his family, etc.

3) Treat your core IPs with respect. Here's old Halo tarted up, but you can turn that shit off at the touch of a button, really isn't the way to sell something as loved as Master Chief (I might buy an Xbox One just for Halo 5, but not at the rate Microsoft are dragging this out). If Sony wants to reimagine the whole Resistance series, do it religiously with fans in mind, not some marketing gimp with a million big boxes in a warehouse to shift.

4) Apologise for your screw-ups, don't gloss over them and promise you're doing things for the fans! Say the word "Sorry" and try to mean it. We can accept you're all billion dollar corporations trying to make a buck, just say "sorry" properly and get on with it.

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