Tuesday, June 17, 2014

NPD sales casually mention Vita rising in America

As their football team beats Ghana in the World Cup, we get news from the States that Vita sales rose in May thanks to the Borderlands 2 bundle. That's according to NPD, but we don't get any numbers, any percentage, any hint of how much better it is doing, but hey - better is good.

Quite what a statistics company is doing giving out reports with no numbers is borderline insane. Sony, as ever, isn't talking about Vita sales, although it might give a detailed response later. MLB The Show did manage to hit No. 3 in the NPD sales chart thanks to PS4, PS3 and Vita sales. Overall the PS4 still rules the roost, so Sony can at least show some happiness for that.

UPDATE: The Internet is quoting a 56,000 Vita systems sold figure for May, up 1,600% on the previous month. The massive rise is largely due to phasing out the old model in Spring, and the Borderlands 2 effect. Here's hoping it continues into the summer months, although many posts I'm seeing point to it being out of stock in many places.

For all the grief Iron Galaxy got in the reviews, congratulations to them for their efforts (hopefully the patch will launch this week, which is when I'll pick the game up). Borderlands 2 on its own sold another 27,000 copies, throw in digital sales and the game probably hit 100,000.

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