Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Jeff Minter's TxK stars in the 30 greatest British games

The Guardian must have sat down for a long time to think about this list. But, for all the obvious and worthy entries, there are few surprises on the roster, except perhaps New Star Soccer for iOS and Jeff Minter's TxK for the Vita. I mean, everyone knows the Vita has no games!

They say: "Jeff Minter, who lives on a farm in Wales, has been making games for just under four decades. An indie developer before there were indie developers, Minter has created countless games but will always be synonymous with Tempest. The original 1981 arcade game was created by the brilliant Dave Theurer, but over the decades our maverick has refined and reworked the tube shooter into a psychedelic hedonist's delight. Tempest 2000 is oft-cited as the highpoint, but the relatively recent TxK somehow manages to be even more colourful and intense – and as reliably brilliant as ever."

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