Monday, June 30, 2014

Danganronpa Another Episode gets a new trailer

The shooter spin-off of Danganronpa looks to be coming along great in development, with Spike Chunsoft at the helm. In this new trailer, see Komaru and Genocide Jill battling hordes of the psycho cuddly bear, Monokuma, using her megaphone to create various effects or interactions with the world around her. Note the "and more..." on the cast list at the end, expect a few other survivors to turn up too.

New Danganronpa: Another Episode Website

The new clip celebrates the game's official site going live, the Dangaronpa sites are usually pretty entertaining in their own right, so check back for updates. The game has a release date of 25th September, while we in the west wait for the second Danganronpa title to arrive, due in Sept/Oct for the US/EU.

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