Tuesday, May 6, 2014

See retail Borderlands 2 in action on the Vita

So, that worked out well for Take 2. No reviews, leaving people to rush to the Internet with their own opinions on the game. Which means raw footage is the way to go as American buyers finally get their Vita 2000 units, download the 5GB or so of Borderlands 2 and DLC, and then get playing.

Most comments say its pretty solid, but with less bad guys and the odd patch of slow down. I played the first few areas of the PS3 edition (that Sony so graciously gave away on PS+, shooting the Vita version's prospects in at least two toes), so I recognize most of this, and it all looks pretty smooth.

UPDATE: Here's a better quality video, with links to more, as we wait for the reviews to drop, will gamers finish it first?

Your thoughts? I can already sense sniffy reviewers lining up their "its not the PS3 version" quotes, but frankly, I could go for this.

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