Wednesday, May 7, 2014

MechRunner gets a Vita skin exclusive for backers

All good gamers should be interested in MechRunner, the Kickstarting shooter, but Vita owners have a special reason to get interested as it will come with an exclusive Skin for us portable types. You just have to add $15 to your pledge, which seems pretty reasonable given the level of detail, and its yours.

The game needs about $11,500 in 9 days, so get with the program if you want this awesome skin and a great shooter on the Vita, PS4 or PC. New backers can pick the $10 level and up it to the $25 level to get theirs.

As a general question would you more interested in crowd-funding Vita games if they came with exclusives extras like this, or is it all about having the hard code in your hands? 

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