Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Toukiden Kyoku to flaunt its new demon on the Vita

Take Toukiden, throw in all the plentiful DLC from Japan, the crossover content and a fair few patches. Tack on some new missions, and what do you get? Kyoko or "Extreme" is a new version of Toukiden for the Vita and PSP, which we kind of knew was coming as the trademark was spotted a couple months ago.

Among the "new" features is an additional demon called "Imihayahi" who turns up some three months after the main game ends, plus new gear, weapons and armour, plus an extra NPC. It is due out this year, and treads in the well worn footsteps of the semi-upgrade version. Hopefully it'll be priced accordingly as I'd imagine most Toukiden fans are already well up on the series.

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