Sunday, April 20, 2014

Tales of Hearts R gets a western Vita release

Anyone have any idea what Namco's Vita strategy is? No Tales of Innocence R western release, but its Japanese remake of the DS title (announced over there back in 2012) is. Really seems pretty screwy, but what do we gamers know as ToH R comes west? UPDATE: here's the first trailer, looks like a DS game doesn't it!

Yes, Innocence R was also a DS remake, but releasing them this sporadically and out of sequence seems rather barmy, and scattershot. Perhaps if this does well, we'll get some Innocence. The game is due out by the end of the year, so its not like they're rushing this.

Tales of Innocence R sold around 70,000 on launch in Japan, Tales of Hearts R managed 55,000 in its first week. With Tales of the World heading to 3DS and with the series' almost random release history over nearly 20 years, perhaps I shouldn't be too surprised, but an all-new title would be welcome.

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