Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sackboy and Iota guest-star in Joe Danger on Vita

Hello Games and Four Door Lemon have been hard at work converting both the PS3's Joe Danger titles to the Vita, and their work is almost done, with some time left over to pack in a couple of guest stars. Check out Iota and Sackboy enjoying a spin in the stunt-filled world of Hollywood.

Running at 60fps at what looks like native resolution, we'll get an immense amount of action and thrills to ride. Joe Danger features 84 levels, including the Director’s Cut and Laboratory stages, and 25 characters to play with, and Joe Danger 2 features 85 levels, including 15 from the Undead Movie Pack we originally released as DLC for the PS3 version, and a whopping 35 playable characters. Seriously, there are dozens of hours of play in these two releases. It takes our tester, Gareth, nearly three solid days to play through them both. Honestly, this makes him really happy.

More details and pics on the PSN blog.

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