Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hero Trap sneaks through the level gate on Kickstarter

A PS Vita kickstarted project that totally slipped under my radar made it to its Kickstarter funding goal last night by a mere $1,000. The Hero Trap by Smashworx follows in the traditions of Gauntlet with the ability to switch between characters.

Given I'll still happily fire up MAME to play the original, to here those crystal clear samples and race through those level maps tattooed somewhere within my brain, I'm a little ambivalent against anyone messing with it, but it could be fun, with its rogue-like features.

There's a PC early demo to try out, or lets wait and see what the team can do until the Vita version emerges. Still in need of support on Kickstarter are Flying Hamster II, MechRunner and Cult County if you want to support more Vita games.

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