Wednesday, April 2, 2014

GTA V finally comes to the Vita (kinda)

Don't get too excited folks. Yesterday's US PSN update came with a little extra nugget in the form of the previously iOS/Android mobile GTA sub-game, iFruit, a 200MB download. It provides some neat goodies for the main console experience.

It helps keep up-to-date on the latest Grand Theft Auto V news, log into the Rockstar Games Social Club, stay connected on LifeInvader and launch other Rockstar Games apps. It offers vehicle customisation and license plate customisation.

The big, big, pleading question is, Is this just a prelude to the PS4 version of GTA V, or does RockStar finally have a Vita Stories game to roll out at E3 and "save" the Vita from all those pesky lovely indie games? Or did a Vita-owning RockStar coder just have some time to kill? Here's a guide around the mobile version.

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