Friday, April 25, 2014

Flying Hamster II Kickstarted cancelled, game now has publisher

Highlighting the perils of Kickstarter, the lovely looking Flying Hamster II didn't really get going on the crowd funding service, but it did get enough attention to grab a publisher. So the campaign has been cancelled, and FDG Entertainment will help bring it to market. Hopefully there will be a Vita version after the PC launch, time to update the Kickstarter list.

Game Atelier says:
"Hi beautiful backers, During the past few weeks many things happened behind the scenes and now we are glad to officially announce our future plans for Flying Hamster II. While we were working hard on a relaunch of this Kickstarter campaign with a new approach and lots of improvements, we had the chance to discuss with FDG Entertainment's Thomas Kern about a possible collaboration on Flying Hamster II. We finally agreed to put our efforts together and make the game happen without rebooting our campaign. We are really thrilled that we can go on production earlier than we could ever expect, thanks to the help of FDG Entertainment, and without changing anything from what we initially planned to make."

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