Thursday, April 10, 2014

Dragon Fin Soup hitting $90K as Kickstarter wraps up

With less than two days to go, the gorgeous SNES-style RPG Dragon Fin Soup is about to pass the $90,000 mark, roping in even more fun stretch goals. There's a post up on the PS blog showing off some of the sparkling features, and news that the ever-dependable BlitWorks are already producing the PlayStation editions of the game. Just $15 gets you a PSN copy when done, so why not chip in.

Delivery is scheduled for around a year's time, this 25 minute video show why its worth the time and investment. If this isn't your thing, then the more hardcore Cult County survival FPS and the even cuter Flying Hamster II are also running Kickstarter Vita campaigns and could do with your money.

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