Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Boot Hill Heroes tops PlayStation Mobile game blitz

Sneering at all those indies that charge £7+ for their games, check out the herd of new titles on PSM today that offer something for everyone, for pennies, with a double figures update for the true indie store. Sure a couple we can safely ignore like a currency converter and yet another Soduku game, but the rest seem to offer a decent diversion.

Boot Hill Heroes is the priciest, a successful Kickstarter game, its a western RPG that looks pretty spectacular, while we wait the Red Dead Redemption to arrive via PlayStation Now. At 640 MB I think its one of the biggest PSM titles, so should be packed with content, and its only Part One!

There are a couple of shooters including Escape and TonanAsiaKyo, Squirrel Run is presumably an endless runner which looks suitably cute. while Panda Panic goes the other way and adds blood and gore to the usually cute bamboo chewers. Check them all out on the PSM tab. 

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  1. This is a heavenly little cartoon Wild West game that is exceedingly reminiscent of Earthbound,primarily concerning the graphics and after alongside its topic steadfastly.The jokes and composing are great, the story is serviceable.Nonetheless,the gameplay is exceptionally uneven I would say - combat is inventive and fluctuated yet extremely unforgiving now and again too,with the primary "improvements" system feeling a little underused with how surged the plot and locations feel when experiencing them.It's a fine game and worth the price,however because of those provisos its not for everybody.~Ethel Gardner.