Wednesday, March 12, 2014

One Piece Unlimited heads to western Vitas

Namco Bandai may have cruelly trashed the Ridge Racer and Soul Calibur series, and dragged its heels on western versions of Vita essentials like God Eater 2, Tales of Innocence, Pirate Warriors and others. But, it will throw EU and Aussie Vita gamers a bone with One Piece Unlimited World Red, a game that was a 3DS-only title back in Japan.

One Piece Unlimited World Red is described as an action-adventure RPG game, developed by Ganbarion. The New World and its fierce challenges await Luffy and his nakama where players get to live the complete Pirate adventure thanks to fun-filled escapades, the odd spot of fishing, action-packed battles and powerful allies in a whole new never-before-seen scenario.

One piece fans will be playing as their favourite Straw Hat crew members and run through the plot battling famous boss battles such as Crocodile, Rob Lucci, Caesar Clown and others! With many skills to master, flashy combos to launch, the Vita version will feature local multiplayer for up to four players and is due this year.


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