Friday, January 24, 2014

Sony event on January 30 likely to reveal PS Vita slim launch?

An invite is going out around the proper press for a Sony event next week, proclaiming, "Following the biggest launch in PlayStation history, join us for an introduction to the slimmest." That's likely to mean the new brightly-coloured Vita 2000 models are getting a western launch, perhaps along with Vita TV.

If Sony wants to make any impact with the Vita then a £99-£119 price point is essential. It will also need to announce a truck load of western big-name games at this event (beyond fake announcements like Bioshock). Failure to do so, and the Vita will trundle along as normal that even Sony is too embarrassed to share with the world. An proper release date for Borderlands would be good but everyone knows the Vita needs a GTA or (proper) CoD title to get moving over here.

A release date is likely to be at the end of Feb to match the original launch date (22nd Feb 2012). Perhaps Vita TV might follow on later, but Sony seriously needs to get the likes of Netflix, Lovefilm, Now TV and other apps on-board if it wants to sell any of them.

Are you happy with your OLED Vita or would a new LCD model be a neat addition? More importantly, how much would you pay? Please comment!

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  1. Vita gets a shit time, but it's the best console i own - it's converted me to using playstation for xbox/nintentdo and i'd like it to do well. happy with what i've got but hope the buzz around the new one will get some more peopel on board. They should be really agressive with the new one - 79.99 or something like that. but they wont