Sunday, December 15, 2013

Weekend thought: PS One games dead on PSN until Gaikai?

I was browsing PSN just now and see that Sony keeps the PS One Classics games icon quite high up the list. With such prominent placement, you'd have thought they'd be adding new games at a decent pace. Yet aside from Monkey Paw's efforts to bring some RPG and Shooter fun from Japan, it seems Sony is doing its level best not to update the service.

Which makes me think that it is holding back until Gaikai to release any sizeable new library of games. One reason for that could be that renting them via a subscription service is different to owning them, which might get around all the copyright stuff that prevents many games from being re-released.

The other is that Sony wants everyone to pay an additional Gaikai fee and is holding back all those games to nudge us into subscribing. Since we won't likely get it in Europe until 2015 (because of our shitty broadband, apparently -- he writes looking at his good-to-go 110Mb connection).

So, will you subscribe to Gaikai - whenever it arrives - to play these PS One, PS2 (and by then PS3) classics? Or is Sony taking enough of your money with PS+ and ludicrous PSN prices?

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