Thursday, October 31, 2013

Will you 'Remember?' this new Vita Kickstarter project

Just gone live is 'Remember?', a Kickstarter for PC, Vita and consoles title that puts us in the shoes of an Assassin, but with an RPG focus to it, rather than AC's exploits (I think). Apart from some pretty scenery, there isn't much to look at and UK developer Deluxe Games has some explaining to do as to, which takes up most of the intro video on KS. Still, there's no hero, no early sketches or anything to give me a sense of the project's aims.

The team is looking for £390,000 with a two month deadline. They say it features a world to freely roam about in and many quests to undertake with skills to learn and so on. I think I need to see some more details before putting in any cash into this one, along with a bit more story than the current one that looks like it was written by a primary school pupil. Seriously, would you go on a quest written in that style?

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