Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Vita getting further adventures of Samurai Warriors

Samurai Warriors 4 is due next year on PlayStation 3 and Vita according to Famitsu. packing in some 50 characters, with Goemon Ishikawa and Musashi Miyamoto added to the playable roster. There will be a couple of story modes to string the endless fighting together, with a couple of new play modes to make it look marginally different to its predecessor.

Anyone excited by this? This series and the bigger, angrier Dynasty Warriors games rarely seem to leap out at me. No art, video or pics yet, so guess there will be some big reveal in the next few days on this, forgive my failure to get too excited (I think its because no one ever smiles in these games, that and the endless grim death). Since there's no art here's another Tecmo smartphone game where girls play baseball in bikinis, far superior....

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