Tuesday, October 29, 2013

TuneIn radio app dials in for US Vita owners

I love TuneIn on my iPhone for listening to olde rock stations, sports and the odd burst of trance when trying to concentrate. Now the app is being made available in the US for Vita and PS3 users, available for free and with account support so you can get your favourites list.
Hopefully it'll make it to Europe, but since we still haven't seen the Netflix app over here (what the Hell is up with that?) don't count any radiophonic chickens. UPDATE: The app is live on the European PSN (you might need to search for it), but is only free to PS+ subs, otherwise its a paltry 79p, which shouldn't break many banks. Of course the mobile Pro version costs too, so that shouldn't be a surprise.

A shame it doesn't play in the background yet, which would make it more useful so we could browse and tweet with some tunes on.

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