Friday, October 11, 2013

Monster Hunter Frontier G getting unified PS3/Vita characters

Bad translation time, but the developers of MHFG are talking to the Japanese press about a major update to the game and service ahead of the ahead of the imminent PS3 and Wii U launches and 2014's Vita launch. A few points they make are:

  • Data can be shared between the PS Vita and PS3 versions, on one account. So you can play the same character at home, go out with your Vita and carry on elsewhere (but not on 3G if I read it correctly).
  • Expect gradual convergence of PS3 and Vita realms to allow players of both versions to play in the same battles. 
  • A much improved G3 update is due this month with improved server integration, and many new features. Video of the G3 edition below.
  • No 3DS version planned due to lack of common code base (not that 3DS owners will mind I suspect)

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