Friday, October 25, 2013

Everyone loves Tearaway

Today was always going to be a bit quiet after the rush of news yesterday, but the previews for Tearaway have now gone live (since when was an embargo for previews a thing?) and all of them seem suitably glowing about the papertrail game. It looks like the most original thing in all gaming this year, nevermind on the Vita.

Kotaku: "I think there's finally a game you really do need a PlayStation Vita to play and a Vita game you’re really going to need to play"

Sixth Axis: "In terms of platforming gameplay, aside from all of the touching, poking and crafting that You will be doing, it’s a pretty standard affair. Once Iota collects that jump move, it becomes similar to Banjo-Kazooie and the platforming games that I grew up with, which I personally find quite endearing."

OPM UK: "But it’s the way you’re involved in, and made a part of, the world that really wins. You’re an active role of the story, a mysterious entity just outside Iota’s world who he needs to get a message to."

God is a Geek: "Use the touch screen to fold a part of the environment and it crumples up exactly like in real life. It sounds like a stupid thing to say about a world made of paper, but the world is realistic."

Many more are popping up, I'd imagine the reviews will pretty much follow these trails of thought. Which leaves the one big question, what on earth will Media Molecule come up with next?

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