Monday, October 28, 2013

Batman Blackgate fails to jail break the UK top 40

How dead is portable gaming in the UK? Well, Batman Blackgate doesn't register in the new chart and is available on both PS Vita and 3DS (actually out next week on 3DS), which should have given it some impetus. The game plenty of coverage and got middling-to-decent reviews last week.

The main game on PS3 and Xbox shot straight into number one, despite selling only around half the copies of its predecessor, so there's definitely some life in the series. Perhaps if the developers had tried to convert the full-fat game onto the Vita and ditched the 3DS version, it would have sold more. Killzone Mercenary is now on its way out, down to No. 26, while the genius of Sega Tennis priced at £7 in most places continues to hang around at No. 39.

On the Vita chart Blackgate does manage to land at No. 1, but who knows with how few sales. Milestone's WRC 4 enters at No. 13. Dragon's Crown is already out of the Top 10, which suggests even the best Vita titles are only selling limited numbers of boxed copies.

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