Thursday, October 3, 2013

2014 could Light up your Vita with some 2D stealth sneaking action

Light is an indie title out of developer hotbed Brighton from Just a Pixel, and a rather cracking vector-style 2D stealth hacking game at that. Its another Kickstarter project and one that needs a bit of a lift to get it over its main funding goal. "Other versions" is one of the stretch goals, and the developer tweeted to let me know that a Vita version is high on the cards.

You can download an early demo, or check out the alpha video on the KS page. I could quite happily bask in those vectors on my Vita's OLED (or LED if you're slumming it in 2014) screen. What with Jeff Minter's Tempest 2xK on the way and Super Icon's Vektor Wars on the way, its a good time be a straight line in gaming!

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