Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sony's bullshit Gaikai EU delay excuses exposed

Sony won't bring Gaikai to Europe yet because of slow broadband speeds. So we can't stream PS3 and other games to our Vita because some granny in Lithuania is still on dial-up. That's an odd claim to make given Sony has signed deals with Virgin (in the UK) and other broadband providers dotted across Europe to promote the PS4.

Since Sony knows where the good BB spots are, and is readily promoting PS4 with them, surely it can roll out Gaikai in the first instance with these providers (Orange is another one, not sure who their BB goes through) giving those who can the services we want. And those who can't get it, can start kicking in the doors of their BB providers for improved services.

Yes, I'm on Virgin, so I'd be delighted to get this service early, playing PS3 and other games on PS4 and Vita would be great (my dream of PlayStation Games Unlimited lives on). Do I care that Bill Nomates in Dunny-on-the-Wold using a creaky BT line can't? No! He should move to the city if he's that "core".

Really Sony, Europe is much more than just one place. You've already selectively rolled out PSM to only a few countries, so you're used to pissing off a bunch of people (see most PSM PSN blog threads). Therefore you'll have no qualms about those on a decent service getting access to Gaikai first (strokes his soon to be 100 meg line) and then letting the laggards catch up.

Any excuse otherwise is just selective bullshit, and Sony knows it. A bit-by-bit approach also allows Sony to build up the server infrastructure over time, discovering weaknesses that don't wipe out a whole continent's gaming. Getting Gaikai months or years after the States is a feeble effort for an entertainment giant like Sony, especially as the technology has been developed over years and isn't just some new invention. Rant over.

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