Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sega Buys Atlus, could be good, could be bad for the Vita

Sega has confirmed that it has acquired Atlus (via its parent company Index Corporation) for around $140 million. The Persona 4 Golden and Dragon's Crown developer has been running fine, but its parent was in all sorts of trouble, so this at least means Atlus' developers have a good home to go to. However, given Sega's shrinking global presence, not sure what will happen to the good folk at Atlus USA either.

However, while Sega has been a good friend to the Vita in Japan, its western output seems to be shrinking rapidly and there are imminent fears that any future games Atlus were working on for the Vita now won't head our way. Atlus had announced Persona 5 will be on show at TGS but we have no idea on what formats. That and Sega's focus increasingly on mobile titles leaves an uneasy feeling that whatever Atlus had in mind, might not reach fruition.

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