Thursday, September 19, 2013

Monster Hunter finally coming to the Vita, in Frontier G form

In what amounts to something of a sick joke, the week after Monster Hunter 4 storms the 3DS, Capcom finally waves some Monster Hunter at the Vita, in the form of the six-year old Frontier PC online game. Admittedly, the "G" tag comes from a recent upgrade for the PS3 version, but its still an olde game, also available on Wii U.

However, A) its Monster Hunter, B) Phantasy Star Online didn't do too bad and C) The Vita will take what it can get. The game is already pride of place on the front of Sony Japan's PSN site, but you have to wonder if its age will count against it when it hits the Vita, even if there are still many rabid hunting fans out there.

The subscription-based game may well be going free to play if it wants to match the success of PSO2 and Capcom has put up a site with some pretty screens to suggest it doesn't look all that bad, and here's a TGS trailer.

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