Friday, September 27, 2013

EuroGamer Expo showing off the best of Vita

Really must go to one of these EuroGamer events someday, but I'd just look old and haggard compared to all the young shiny people who do gaming these days. Anyway, Sony has a big presence at the show, waving its indie armada at all and sundry, and with some Vita games on show in the developer sessions.

Yesterday, FuturLab gave us a first look at the indoors sections of Velocity 2X, with some fast run-and-gun action added to the fast fly-and-gun action of the brilliant shooter.

Tearaway was first up on Friday, with indie guru Shahid Kamal showing off his wares later in the day, (4PM UK). Please check in and enjoy people who love their games talking about them, rather than the usual big-show ego-stroking. Saturday sees LEGO Marvel Super Heroes in action, among lots of next-gen stuff.

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