Friday, August 23, 2013

Final Horizon and Flame Over in indie development for the Vita

Two games with no pics or video are being promoted across the PSN blog now, suggesting that the company is trying to keep its Gamescom momentum going with smaller publishers. We have Final Horizon from the folk behind Total Recall. It offers RTS action with an alien robotic invasion to be fought off.

 Flame Over is a fast-paced, action-packed fire-fighting roguelike, featuring randomly generated levels and a complex fire simulation that radiates, jumps between objects, consumes fuel and destroys its environment in real time. The player’s objective is simple: guide a fire-fighter through the 16 floors of Infernal Industries’ skyscraping HQ, exploring your environment, seeking out loot, secrets and power ups and hunting down blazes against the clock.

Both could be great fun, although its hard to tell without even a teeny screenshot, but its good to see indie developers get a voice this early in a project's life. More info and art on the PSN blog.

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