Tuesday, July 2, 2013

PS Vita Toukiden bundle selling out around Tokyo

Reports out of Japan saying "sales greatly exceeded expectations" suggest the new PS Vita bundled with Omega Force's Toukiden (screens, art and video) have sold out fast across Tokyo, with massive demand for the game and bundle.

While Vita sales have been ticking over the last few months since the Japanese price cut and a few decent releases, it has had few spectacular moments, and Tecmo's beast slayer could be the first one in 2013 to get the system moving. A western release for Toukiden is down for later this year.

We should find out on Wednesday how the game is doing, with the next Media Create sales. It is sold out and well-placed in the top ten all-formats best sellers on Japan's Amazon store and is ahead of The Last of Us, last week's number one.

Sony has been looking for a Monster Hunter-alike to generate momentum since the Vita's launch and while many have come and gone, few have really lit up the Vita in terms of sales. Will be interesting to see just how much legs Toukiden has.

Of course, the PSP version could dilute the Vita sales somewhat, but this could be a game to help get PSP owners upgrading to Vita for the bigger, better experience. Also, there's a question of Sony maybe underestimating demand, and only shipping small numbers, but we'll know soon enough!

A few places are importing, if you can go with the language:

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