Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Famitsu reveals 2013's first half sales leaders, Soul Sacrifice the Vita's biggest

Having charted the fall and rise of the Vita this year, Famitsu is putting out the half-time numbers for the biggest selling games. Sony's portables won't worry the 3DS which has multiple million sellers, but the Vita is starting to match and out-accelerate the PSP, which should lead to a switch in development focus.

With Toukiden still selling, expect its figure to rise and expect God Eater 2 to trounce them all as the most wanted game by far.

PS Vita

1. Soul Sacrifice – 180,000
2. Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus – 130,000
3. Toukiden – 120,000

1. Sword Art Online Infinity Moment – 190,000
2. Pro Baseball Spirits 2013 – 150,000
3. Summon Night 5 – 120,000

Note Media Create figures (which my figure is based on) and Famitsu numbers differ, so the two may not align.

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