Friday, June 21, 2013

Zeboyd indie RPGs may appear on the Vita

Zeboyd have released several cool indie RPG titles in the past, but are moving onwards and upwards to Unity development, which, they note, opens up the Vita as a system they'd like to develop for. Already in their archives are Breath of Death VII and Cthulhu Saves the World. Not sure exactly what the next title will be, but it could easily be added to the list of Vita's indie essentials. Their plan is:

Creating a new RPG engine on Unity is a lot of work (which we started earlier this week) but won’t be nearly as hard as starting from scratch since we do have our old RPG engine to use as a reference point. However, we’re not going to stop with just replicating our old engine’s functionality in Unity. Some of the improvements we’re hoping to add include: Larger, more animated sprites (think Chrono Trigger). More interactive environments. Improved User Interface. A particle system for enhanced visual effects. On-map battles (no separate battle screen) & enemy groups that detect & chase the player. We also have some fun ideas for gameplay (picking and choosing some of the best elements from our past games while adding some new ideas as well) but we’ll save the details on those for later.
Breath of Death VII: The Beginning

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