Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Well that sucked! One free-to-play game and some DLC, big whoop!

That shocked silence overnight was my flabber being ghasted that Sony once again has failed to deliver at E3, all but killing the Vita as a core games machine. Sure, it'll trudge on with indies and the odd first party title, plus some crumbs from the table of Japanese gaming, but really folks, stick a fork in the game old bird, 'cause she's done.

Apart from looking like a slightly open box of chocolates, the PS4 looks all right and is clearly Sony's focus going forward. The total lack of third-party Vita news is the real killer. Don't get your hopes up for Gamescom or much at Tokyo Games Show, nothing to see here, move along. And never, ever believe a Sony spokesperson, ever again (paraphrasing "Oh, we boobed last E3, we won't make that mistake again!!!!!"). Note, that's not aimed at Shahid, he's the man!

Looking forward to a lively indie scene on this blog, bring them on! On a happier note, a few trailers for already-announced stuff are dribbling out the rotting corpse of E3.


  1. No Vita isn't dead, read @shahidkamal twitter vonversations ;) quote "big titles take time to cook, announcements coming Q3 and Q4, very close to the actual time of release.

    1. I trust Shahid, but there are plenty of other Q3/4 games being shown off here. Sony had the world watching and showed them nothing, a cardinal sin. Whatever it shows later this year will be too little too late.

  2. I dont trust Sony anymore about their Vita management. If there was going to be a moment to announce any bomb, it was this time, where millions are in front of the streaming waiting for all media revolution.

    Shahid Kamal Ahmad was a liar, unless he was talking about Destiny of Spirits, which is pure crap for someone looking to buy Vita.

    As the author says, I dont expect anything big or AAA for Vita this year. Nothing. Killzone Mercenary and Tearaway will be beatiful hits, but not nuclear bombs, as every indie game in Vita.

    Sony has shown with their presentation show that they have nothing to do with Vita until they are able to take first parties who have already finished their games for PS4.

    They are only looking for some smoke by bringing Indie Support and Hd Editions. I love both, and the second one was enough for me to buy (J&D, MGS, GOW, Sly... Yes, I love them so much that Ill buy the console only to replay them again everywhere...).

    But... That wont be in a close future for the moment. What is worse, considering myself a grat sonyer, Im really looking forward to pick a 3DS XL with the Gateaway flashcard. Thats a bad handheld, yes, but full of GREAT GAMES, including those from the original DS.

    Who knows, maybe Gamescom or TGS will bring some surprises (man, bring that damned KH HD edition to Vita, for god sake! Square Enix should even port Final Fantasy XI Online). Maybe some interesting game will appear... But I dont expect any Final Fantasy, any GTA, any Resident Evil... I dont expect anything from Third Parties great Ips. And that is Sony´s fault. Hell, Levine was exited for creating a exclusive Bioshock and they dont want to put the money.

    PD. I forget... Fifa 14 or COD? When Third parties deliver something... It really have to be this shit?