Thursday, June 27, 2013

JRPG frenzy, new Exstetra information rolls in

You wait for a JRPG for, oh about 15 seconds, two minutes, and then two turn up at once, with Chronos Materia being the other. The rather charming Miss below is the heroine in Exstetra, Ryouma Narusawa is an evil-energy absorbing, perfect-bottomed, Pantene'd lass, if ever there was one.

The game is set in Amasia, a future where poor old Tokyo has been zapped with some funky energy and trashed (yep that bit of ruined city, just past her boobs, easy to miss I know) then fused with other areas of the planet. By sucking up the "Ex" energy from the demons that have caused this global trauma, she can use it help rescue the ethereal creatures who can save the world.

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