Friday, May 10, 2013

Sega bringing five games to the Vita this year, but which ones

In its latest financials, Sega mentions five games are coming to the Vita this year. I guess that depends on if that's from a Japanese or western perspective. Since its a Japanese document, let's assume its for the company's home market, so that would be the new Sonic title, Pro Soccer Club, which leaves lots of room for a Vita Yakuza title, given the PSP Black Panther games did rather well, perhaps a Vita-uprated version of Shining Arc and something else.

From a western perspective, we've got Phantasy Star Online and possibly Hatsune Miku to look forward to. The other three could be anything from a proper Football Manager title via Sports Interactive. Then there's the recently acquired Relic which could see Homeworld, Company of Heroes or a WarHammer title on the way. And, could Creative Assembly squeeze a Total War Arena title on to the Vita.

For reference, Sega sold 150,000 PS Vita games from the Vita's launch to March 2012, 520,000 games to March 2013, and expects its 5 new games to sell 650,000 copies this financial year. So 125,000+ sales seems to be above par for a good Vita game.

The company also reported better than expected sales of items and gear in Phantasy Star Online 2, suggesting the Vita and PC free-to-play game is turning in a decent profit for the company.

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