Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mega Blast and Yu-Nama rock Playstation Mobile

Have you been ignoring that quirky PlayStation Mobile tab on your Vita's PSN store? Give it a tap now and there's loads of fun new games arrived for it, led off by a cult-like Japanese puzzler Yu-Nama that mixes a tile game and demon bashing in one for £2.39.

Next up is Mega Blast from Super Icon, a retro shooter that looks all bright and vectory, and is just £1.79 if you've still got an itchy trigger finger after playing Sine Mora and Velocity Ultra.

There's also passing time, a unique sounding football game from the Frobisher Says devs Honeyslug, where all you have to do is use the touch screen to pass the ball between players to beat the opposition,

There's a few others too, includoing tilt puzzler Labyrinth, another Japanese puzzler Saicoro and Flight of the Turtle, plus recent cracking titles like Rymdkapsel and the immense Life of Pixel, so get cracking if you want some cheap gaming fun

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